New LeftCoast!! My first glass on glass

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    LeftCoast Beaker bang. My first glass on glass! Got it at the local HS for 110. I love it because all i wanted was a simple beaker with a diffused downstem and ice pinches and BOOM it was just sitting there. Soo much better tasting than my NASTY acrylic bong. Prolly gonna give that shit to a friend in need or something. love my Leftcoast.. anyone heard of this brand? from what i've read a glass blower from illadelph started leftcoast.

    old acrylic bong crying in the background

    LeftCoast on the downstem:

    We outta trees.. broke as hell LOL
    no bud shots today

    sexy ey? haha
  2. Sick first gong. I prefer straight tubes myself.
  3. for 110 thats a good deal. My first gong piece was a simple beaker too, and since its glass on glass you can just keep on upgrading it, new bowls and downstems eventually grab a nice ashcatcher. they are very versatile. congrats my friend. pick up a ice pinch or disc diffused slide and a alex k or sov gridded down stem and you'll be sittin' pretty!!!

  4. hell yea id consider an ice pinch slide. take them huge rips. 420 is in a month so ill see what ill upgrade by then. i think my simple 6 slit downstem is sufficient untill it breaks haha

  5. yea i definitely appreciate them for their functionality since my acrylic bong is a straight tube. plus throw some crushed ice in there and u dont even need that much! but the beaker called to me..
  6. that thing is fattius
  7. Really nice looking beaker. I love very simple clean designs, and looks like a top quality piece. Enjoy it man.

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