New leaves tacoing on some plants. Others not.

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    Hello i'm having some issues with new leaves tacoing and i cant quite figure out why anyone have any ideas?? That's 3 different plants one clearly more severe. I have a couple autos as well that don't really seem to be tacoing at all in the same tent as well.
    The ones tacoing are bag seeds of green crack.

    Soil: Pro mix, perlite and wormcastings
    Light: Aglex 2000 watt 4 cob led
    Temp: Ranges from 70-80
    RH: Ranges 55-75%
    Age:Sprouted Nov 27th

    Been playing with light height right now its 24' above plants.

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    1. Maybe light intensity? I thought tacoing had something to do with High heat or High intensity from your light source. Might also have something to do with transpiration by the plant.

    2. It has been my experience that the "tacoing" is a sign of only a couple things. Heat and/or humidity issues can cause this to happen. Typically, if it is heat ffrom the lighting then the leaves showing the signs will be at the top of the plant. If humidity is an issue then it will show on the leaves that get hit by the fan or moving air the most. This happens sometimes when the air inlet is blowing dry or humid air onto one or two plants. It will show on one side of these plants but not the other, or if there is a ffan blowing down warm, dry air from above onto one plant.
      Good luck mate!

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