New leaves are small and curly

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  1. Hi guys, i'm a long time lurker here, think this is my first post though. I'm on my first grow, i plan to do a grow-diary but havent uploaded it yet. Right now though i seem to have a problem. The majority of my new growth is small and curly, and a couple of plants are all curled down.

    Day 17 from seed, under 400W HPS with extraction fan and 2nd fan blowing over the canopy. Bagseed.

    Humidity ranges from 20 to 50. Temperature (at leaf level) is 80-85 with lights on, 60 with lights off.

    Planted in local organic soil, watered only when first 2 inches is dry. I have a bottle of Biobuzz (8-2-6) which I have used twice at a 1/4 of recommended dose. Once 4 days ago, once 10 days ago (I realised this was too early to need nutes).

    The bottle of nutes is over a year old, and was open previously but closed and stored in the dark - could this be the problem?

    They get fresh air, they were re-potted a week ago, and LST'ed 4 days ago.

    The first pics are from 4 days ago (before LST) and start to show the problem.

    The pics from today are at the bottom - the problem is getting worse and spreading. A couple of plants seem fine, but the majority are growing small curly (down) leaves that don't look as healthy as last week.

    Any advice?

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  2. Just looking through my pics from 7 days in. The curling is clearly starting on a couple of the plants then. This was before I gave nutes for the first time.

    See below:

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  3. Please, can anyone help?
  4. I don't think it would be a bad idea to start watering the bigger plants with some nutes on an interval basis, one day pure water one day 1/2 nutrients. The leaves of the plants seem to be a bit leached in the pictures. I doubt that the local soil you bought contains many fertilizers. How often do you water?
  5. i think your have a ph issue and the temps with the light on are to high
    79 or lower when lights are on and try to keep the temps from fluctuating
    more then 10 degrees
  6. Can u tell us what this "local organic soil" is please ???

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    Thank you very much for replying, i really don't want to screw this up!

    I water whenever it needs it, its getting more frequent as they grow, probably every 2 - 3 days currently.

    I fed 1/3 strength nutes 3 days ago, and 2/3 strength yesterday, not sure what difference it has made, but i did realise that the first time i gave nutes it was at about 1/20 recommended strength and hence pointless!

    I don't have a PH meter yet, hope to buy one in the next few weeks. The temperature has been lowered to 75 with lights on so that should help the fluctuation.

    The local soil, is pictured below. Its always done us proud when growing food! But it doesn't list an NPK value, so not sure what to make of the nutrients inside it See YHS Website

    Biobuzz says to use with every watering, should i do this from now on?

    Thanks again!

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  8. you should be able get a ph meter at any pet store that sell fish
    about $5-8 dollars

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