New 'Layback' style inline bong!

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    Picked this piece up for $120 online. Supposedly this is '5mm' thick everywhere, but I would like you guys to be the judge on that, since it seems a bit thinner than 5mm to me? Anyways it didn't cost too much, and it rips and bubbles up so well. Enjoy the pics, I am going to get a shower head ash catcher (already got it made) to match this.
  2. Looks thick and pretty well made to me. But what do I know. Enjoy regardless, I like it.
  3. is that a biohazard?

    wana link me to it

  4. i would also like the link
  5. why regardless lean its really cool
    i like it also
  6. mine is 5mm and is a similar piece and looks a lot thicker, pic attached.

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  7. Actually Just after seeing that picture I am pretty sure mine is 5mm. The pic provided does not do it justice, as in person it seems much thicker, much alike yours. If you are sure yours is 5mm, mine is pretty much identical in thickness to that.

    Also, I got the last one that the guy selling this had. It is a new biohazard, and hits like a dream for the price, but it was an auction thing and this was the only one he had. He has ones with open tree percs in them instead if you wish?

    INLINE WATERPIPE BONG 7mm, 8arms For Sale

    I normally wouldn't link but this guy was VERY friendly, negotiated a more fair price, shipped promptly, packed VERY well, and communicated professionally. Honestly an amazing e-tailer, check em out

    PS. That 'layback' or 'lean' style that it has actually comes with many benefits that I did not see until I started using it. Never having to worry about my bong being knocked over and broken is a big plus, as well as being able to store it in a drawer, since I live with my parents and they are not 'down' haha
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    The only reason I thought yours may have been thinner than mine is because no way have I felt that the glass on my piece is thin. I thought it was 7mm because its so heavy and the joints were so thick.

    Cleaning that curved non downstem part will be a pain for you. I suggest cleaning it with 91 to 99% iso and salt every 2 days. Get a coat hanger and bend it to that angle of the downtube part, and stuff a long thin strip of cloth in it and plunge it in and use it as a swab
  9. What I have been doing (so far) is putting the salt and 70 percent iso into both sides of the inline, and then plugging both the mouthpiece and the downstem hole with paper towel and shaking like a mad man. It has made it squeaky clean so far, and I will have a showerhead ashcatcher in a couple weeks which should make everything easier :D
  10. yeah even when shaking with nice salt and 91% iso after only 2 days use I cant get the curved stem part crystal clear. And I shake the thing vigorouslyyyyy. Oh well, I am getting a new inline Kind Creations AC on the way. Will just have to submerge that thing into some simple green to get it clean and ill be golden
  11. I think it is because all the ash falling from the bowl onto the curved piece is getting melted on? Very difficult to remove unless one cleans often I guess, but I clean mine every few days and it is fine so far.
  12. i thought about getting one of those but i figured it was too much of a hazard to have a glass piece that doesn't stand up in a stable position
  13. LoL think about what you said. A bong that can topple over seems like the one that's less stable
  14. And yeah, im using 99% iso & salt and cleaning it every 2 days as well. Maybe my frequency of smoking and my herb just resonates more hardcore I dont know lol
  15. It could be the fact that I do not pull my ash through, because without an ashcatcher that is just stupid
  16. Stupid or the only way I've been able to use it while I wait on my catcher to arrive. LoL. Impatience over here big time. Oh well nothing some simple green wont fix.
  17. Glass is hairy close up so unless you use very heavy protucts that eat away at the glass itself you won't get your piece as clean as when you received it. I've been trying some organic films to create a barrier between the glass and the smoke. I suggest not using the salt method, as it will break your bong one day.

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