New Kaos Tube

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  1. I FINNALY got my tax refund and made a little trip down to Astoria OR to get myself a new bong. I just wanted something simple yet awesome. This is the first straight tube I have owned. I'v owned only beakers and bubbles. Such a beautiful beautiful bong. Also got two new bowls to go with it. The tube was 130 and the Bowls were 14 each.
    I love the color in this thing, the rainbows around the mushrooms are like oil splotches.
  2. Pics? I have a lower end Kaos glass on gromite.

    Sturdy Ive almost hit it against a pan*shaking the hell out of it* and nothing happend no scratch or chip.
  3. Lets see some pics. :)

    There are a few really good stores in Seattle too. I think OR might be a bit cheaper though.
  4. pics or your bong doesnt exsist :D
  5. Oh man I thought I did post my pics. Bahaha. Well I'll do this now.

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  6. Yes, I find OR is actual alot cheaper. That and no tax =D
  7. clean up your fucking room! :smoke:

    nice tube tho broskin.
  8. Thats the living room. It's a mess because the people I live with are filthy mooches. thank god they are getting kicked out.
  9. Shit looks NICE. VERY good deal too.

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