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Is the plant height good for 2 months in 1 gallon pot and is 18watt full spec light good enough

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  1. Yes good height, good bulb

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  2. Bad Height, Good bulb

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  3. good height, bad bulb

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  4. bad height, bad bulb

  1. This is my first grow ever and I choose to do it indoors. I Started on June 9th 2017 it is as of today Aug 12th 2017. So for 2 months it has been growing. I'm going to be detailed as possible I would like some feedback as to whether the size is okay or what I could be possibly doing wrong to stunt the growth as I think it should be much larger. Pictures will be attached. For this grow I found a seed in a bag of some local stuff I picked up. I bought fox farms ocean forest soil and big bloom nuets from them. I started off in a 32-44oz sized subway plastic drink cup. About 2-3 weeks into where the seedling started growing its sugar leaves after the cotyledons were fully developed I transplanted it to a 1 gallon pot which I drilled 3 big holes into the bottom of and attached large brass smoking screens for filters when draining excess water but keeping in the soil. My watering cycle is every 3-4 days I water it one pint worth of water "in example a drinking bottle of water worth". Every other watering cycle has big bloom nuets. So ill water it today with nuets then in 4 days water it again with no nuets then next time after with nuets. Fan is kept on it low 24/7 for fresh air and strengthening. I use a full spectrum led bulb which is only 18 watts. So my question is with all the information given is this a good size for being 2 months in? Should it be bigger? If so what is the cause of the slow growth. Is the grow bulb not strong enough? Would you recommend a 60watt GE Blue grow bulb from walmart? I dont want to drop 100$+ atm for a 500watt hps or full spectrum hanging lamp for just one plant. I could see getting it for more then one plant. Feedback and suggestions greatly appreciated. The plant looks pretty healthy to me for a first time grow just concerned about the height of the plant and if the light I have is even powerful enough for this one plant as it seems it should be way taller and bushier to me. The strain the seed came from is Lemon Skunk atleast thats what I told the bud was when I got it but you know how people are these days they can hand you 100 diff types of buds and all say they are the same kind so I never really pay attention to strain names unless it comes from a dispensary or seed bank which my next grow will be auto flower.

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  2. Yeah it's kinda small but that's only because of the light. It looks healthy and not stretched at least. If you don't want to drop money on a nice light you should add some cfl bulbs, they're pretty cheap. The more light the better.

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  3. I agree it's small too, but for the light it's getting I see it.

    at two months they should have no problem filling a 2x2 footprint under okay power (about 100watts or more)

    a cheap light that should get you by for 60 bucks is a mars hydro 300 (I think between 150-185 watts not sure been up for 24hrs again) but should give you a harvest being prowed of instead of deterred by
  4. This is the exact lamp I was going to order that you mentioned the Mars Hydro 300. I think I will purchase that and a 2' x 4' tent to place the light and plant in for the rest of its life cycle to harvest. Hopefully that will help it catch up on its size and yeild.
  5. The plant looks healthy but not near enough light to produce much growth at all. If you want large plants and a good yield you need a lot of light.

    These plants are only 7 weeks old for a comparison.
    Flower 2 weeks.JPG
  6. I swapped out the 18w Full spec led bulb from amazon today for a 13w CFL which is 60watt equlivelant for the time being do you think this is better or should i put the full spectrum 18w back in until I can get a hanging 500watt full spec system in two weeks.
  7. Use both lights - use all the lights you have. What 500w light are you getting in two weeks?
  8. You need all the light possible in there for your plant. My plant is 1 month and surpassed yours already. Put your LED and CFLs in there. If you can go to Walmart and just rig together like 4 CFLs and a decent LED.
  9. I just put the CFL in a standing floor lamp with adjustable head beamed straight down on it with the LED on a desk lamp adjustable head beaming directly at the side of the plant.
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  10. From what I know and learned so far a plant can grow off of 100+ watts, that should be the minimum per plant, it sounds like you have half of that, not even 50 watts so the more the better my man! Good luck!
  11. I might try home depot they have a 4 pack of CFL full spectrum 23 watts for 9$ that are 100watt equvialant in power. I think 2 of those for just one plant would be enough it would give it around 200watt of lighting power directly to the single plant itself. I will still get the 2x4 tent and hanging 500watt Full spec led lamp once I get extra money after bills clear up.
  12. forgot to reply back but this is the one I am going to get,
  13. You don't want to use the "equivalent" watts. That is irrelevant to you. Use the "actual" wattage. For example my mars 300w only produces like 140 actual watts.
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  14. Yee agree with the guy above "equivalent" means equivalent to a incadesent bulb.... Which for growing is totally useless.
  15. Yep, 100% agree, equivalent watts mean nothing for you, always look at true wall watts no matter the light source

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  16. Alright so its been a month since I started this thread and posted pictures of the plant at the time. Its now about a month later and the plants are noticeably bigger. However I believe its become root bound in the 1 gallon pot so I will be transplanting to the 5 gallon smart pot this week still using fox farm ocean forest soil and fox farm big bloom nuets. Taking a look at some of these side angles you can see the lower layers of leaves seem droopy and kinda folding themselves in half vertically down the middle. I want some insight on how to fix this for them to open up and spread out. Is this due to under watering at this plants size? I water once every 3 days. Maybe I need to water more often idk? input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  17. Hell yea u need more light cfl won't cut it unless u just want a 3.5 to harvest definitely get more light asap

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  18. And u need a bigger pot if it's not root bound already

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