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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Sweet Leaf`, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. hey i just found this great app that supports legalization. its called Legalize It!
    basically you can take action and get your voice heard about the issue as well as some other cool stuff. and its only 99 cents
    apps like these are great and i think can really help out the cause.
  2. how reliable are these facts and stuff like i had no idea that new york was decriminalized. like when the hell did that happen.

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  3. WOW...just wow
    If i had a mac id develop a program like this. oh wells.

  4. I don't remember when exactly but it's been in place for quite awhile.
  5. wow thank you i just never realized that, and its pretty cool
  6. Is that app worth getting in Australia, or is it just for America basically?
  7. im pretty sure its only for american laws and american senators etc.
  8. Marijuana is decriminalized in New York only? Not New York City? :| Cause that would be stupid.

  9. I thought New York has a "not in public sight" decrim. Where you can carry a certain amount on you but the second a cop sees it it is illegal, so the cops abuse this by telling people to empty their pockets without informing them that if they do and show the cop their weed, then it is illegal. Read it in an article.
  10. awesome looks like a great app. kind of off topic but how great would it be if they had an app that was a scale.
  11. Yea even though it says decriminalized or whatever you still get arrested and charged. Trust me I just did about 2 months ago.

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