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  1. Does anyone know when the new iolite (i-inhale) comes out? I really want to buy one but i dont want to spend the $250 when a new one will be coming out.

  2. It's been in the works for a few months already I think. I've had mine for a couple months and I love it.
  3. Yea i know that they are testing it in public. Also ive heard nothing but good things about it so i really want to get one. I just don't want to buy one now and have a new one come out in a month
  4. I didn't really care, to be honest. The one that's available now is more than efficient and wonderful and gets the job done. I don't know anything about how/if they are going to change the pricing, but honestly, I can only see improvements driving the price higher.

    I'm completely 100% satisfied with mine, and if the new one has major improvements, MAYBE I will consider buying a new one if I need it, but I say, don't fix something that isn't broken...
  5. You can always improve something that Isn't broken, not necessarily needing to fix it. It's a new product and thru a lot of public feedback they might improve it in many ways and make it a better product. It can only be a good thing, and they know that if they pump the price up they will lose sales i don't believe (from reading the company post on forums) they will raise the price.

  6. Glad to know that the price won't be raised.

    I was just saying mine fits my needs perfectly as it is, so I don't see why I would need a new one even if it's "improved".
  7. I've been waiting and wanting one for months, every since your review actually hehe. I'm being patient but it's hard when my headshop in town carrys them haha.

    I wanna rig up a big gulp with the iolite in it and stealth smoke in public lol.
  8. I just throw it in the sleeve of my hoodie and hit it in public and nobody is any the wiser. It's great.

    I haven't used it nearly as much as I did when I first bought it, but I've also stopped my recreational driving in an attempt to save some money. Being patient is hard, do you know anything about the ETA on when the new ones will be available?
  9. recreational driving? that sounds awesome. what do you do?

    me and my roomie always put on radiohead or the strokes and dance away. I guess we're not driving so much as sitting in my car, the spaceship.
  10. I just meant that I go on a lot of drives around the state, lol. I'm a Paralegal but I only work part time so I have a ton of free time.

    My car is a spaceship too! When I'm stoned and driving to my best friends [two hours away] I frequently make up little songs in my head about driving in a spaceship :laughing:
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    According to the manufacturer, whatever changes that will be implemented from the current beta testing will not show itself in a "new" model. It will be a running model change, and as such, will be transparent to potential purchasers unless you inspect each unit and know what changes to be looking for.

    The "specific" beta testing thread at FC can be found here:, which is a bit different than the general Iolite thread posted above.
  12. Sick!

    +rep for spaceship for sure =]
  13. I'm sketched out by their lack of non bullshit answers as to the CO questions that some users were posing. Until they produce actual numbers on CO emissions, I'm staying away.

  14. Ok. great thanks for the answer.

    With the new website, should i just wait and order one from there or just get one now. Like is there going to be any percs from this site
  15. No, i was reading up on that thread on FC a couple months ago, and im pretty sure thye are just minor, changes, i never got the chance to buy one because i dont have the funds, im also on a t break, and saving for an inline
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    So VapeWorld just ran a contest over at the FC site and the 1st place prize was an Iolite. And I won. Free Iolite being FedExed out today. :hello:

    I never won anything in my life !!!

    Vape collection gettin' kinda big:
    Purple Days (2)
    Da Buddha
    and now.......
  17. Sold one to a customer yesterday. Whiskey your thread along with another TC review thread helped a lot with the sale.

    Great job on the review, whiskey knows what she is talking about with these.
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  18. i want one soooo bad
  19. Hey thanks! Glad to hear I could help! :hello:

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