New inside-out glass pipe

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  1. Its my first NEW pipe and i thought id post it on GC. Its yellow and looks like a fish or something. The glass is quite thick and im pretty sure it will change colors. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on cleaning the stem and if it would clog after a lot of use because it has a sharp curve. Any comments and tips are welcome. :smoking:

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  2. cleaning a bowl- boil water in water for 5 min, take it out and put ur bowl in a plastic baggy along with rubbing alcohol and salt, shake for about a min or 2 and wala clean ;)
  3. You might want to post this in Toking tools. Maybe get more responses
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  4. Don't boil your new piece in water. It could shatter.

    High %iso alcohol and salt is all you need; maybe a q-tip or two for detailing
  5. Thanks for the tips guys, ill definitely use rubbing alcohol and salt, not sticking that thing in boiling water. I posted this in toking tools like yawbus said.
  6. I used to add water to the iso alch and salt mix. Then I realized I was diluting the solution, making it slightly more ineffective. Rubbing alcohol and salt is all you need.

    Or you can get that Grunge Off stuff or whatever.

    And this belongs in Toking Tools. :)
  7. Isopropyl Alchohol + Salt is your best bet.

    One question. Where is the mouthpiece on that thing?
  8. The mouthpeice is at the top of the loop, theres a little hole to draw through . Ive heard enough about cleaning, More about the pipe!!!

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