New Inline Bubbler

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  1. So I picked up a new adapter last night from a smoke shop. (one I really hate and the only reason I ever stepped foot inside was because they are the only shop that carries this piece around me.) When I heard from a friend I could turn my Inline ashcatcher into a bubbler with this little adapter piece I immediately jumped on it. It hits like a champ and looks beautiful. :smoke:



  2. nice bubbler i like your signature to
  3. Looks nice. Those holes in the bubbler look quite big imo though.
  4. thats a big ass inline a/c lol but a beauty. Nice.
  5. I usually have it on my RooR steamroller but, I've decided the steamroller is too much of a pain to mess with except on rare occasions.

  6. thats why i like those sherly arms, it makes any bub or inline a/c into a whole new piece on its own for cheap
  7. Nice! Ive been meanin to grab one of those...

    And do I see a broken AC now used as a dry ac? :: golf clap ::
  8. looks real great

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