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  1. I guys and gals

    I'm looking at building a new indoor cupboard with the following dimension, 150cmx70cmx50cm.

    I wanted to know if the following light will be a good choice.


    Its a 1000w led cob full spectrum.

    Are these lights any good and will it cover my grow area that will be used for auto flowering plants only. 2 to 4 plants.
  2. I can’t see the image so post the link. Something tells me it won’t be a true 1000w light.
  3. Can you see pic now. All led grow lights are never what they rate them at.

    Its either that or I'm looking at a few of the following


    These are 80w full spectrum
  4. Legit led companies advertise the actual wattage.
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  5. How much money do you have to budget towards a light?
  6. Very low plus this is for a hand build indoor cupboard just to grow a few auto plants.
    So looking for the cheapest light I can get. The second light I showed that is 80w, I thought 4 next to each other in that grow space will be good as its the same price together as the first light I posted

    Im from south Africa and the first light is 1500 zar and the 2nd pic is 270 per 80w light
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    Think I'm gonna go with the 80w full spectrum plus a 100w blue spectrum only, excaxtly the same design.
    So 2 of the full spectrum and 1 blue. That should be enough light for grow space doing two auto flowers as a start.
  8. Plus these are the plants I'm looking at:

    Genetics: AK-47 x Lowryder
    Sex: Feminized autoflowering
    THC: 14.4%
    CBD: 0.1%
    Yield: 40 – 150 g/plant
    Plant Height: 50 -140 cm
    Harvest: 70 days

    Genetics: Santa Maria x Lowryder
    Sex: Feminized autoflowering
    Yiled: 30 – 70 g/plant
    THC: 15.5%
    CBD: 0.1%
    Plant Height: 50 – 80 cm
    Harvest: 65 days

    Genetics: Ruderalis X Indica
    Sex: Feminized autoflowering
    Yield: 40 – 90 g/plant
    Plant Height: 60 – 90 cm
    Harvest : 70 days
    Ak-47 being my top choice
  9. Plus what do you guys think of these full spectrum cob lights. Can I install them against anything or is there a bit more dig involved

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  10. Any input so far?
  11. For interest sake has anyone come across these led grow bulbs. The specs are:
    LEDs: 18pcs 660nm Deep Red
    Drive current: 550mA (18x3W Class)
    Beam Angle: 60-degree

    Are these bulbs legit or just shut. I see you get them in full spectrum too but if you just looking to add extra light to an already full spectrum led grow light ( main light ) would 2 of these be worth the money and do they actually work. Only asking for those who know or has any insight or input

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  12. Bro honestly the light is the thing that most people try to budget and I dont get it! Get all your other shit cheap, you can go cheap on tents, extraction, filters etc but spend your money on the good lights because that's what's gonna get you top shelf bud! A cheap led will give you good yield but top shelf quality no! If your after half decent bud and good yield then go cheap Blurples but if you want top shelf terps then you need to buy qb's or cobs or go old school hps but will cost you more in the long run in electricity but up to you and your needs, qb's can work out quite cheap anyways but just my opinion, good luck!
  13. Here you but for this specific grow space I'm looking at using the first light I posted and then suplementing with these red led's. From most of my research the first light should do the trick for my grow space in mind, just wondering I'd these red led grow bulbs are for real and worth the money to add some extra bloom light
  14. Check out Horticulture light group. When it comes to great LEDs you will have to dig into your pockets. Granted the demand has gone way up and prices have been dropping by alot.
  15. Thanks bud. Will have a look

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