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  1. Got me a 3x3 ac infinity setup. Grow light on 20 off 4 hours. I rigged my ac unit to cool the tent based off temps but the continuous turning on and off of the unit I am worried about. Attic gets pretty hot. Everything is currently automated. Growing two autoflowers. Extremely new to growing.

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  2. if you have a window nearby get some fresh air coming in with an inline fan or one of those rectangular window fans. Even if it's just to cool the attic it'll help
  3. thanks for the tip! Window fan is a good idea
  4. Another option is to put your tent close to the window and pump outdoor air directly into your tent and let it exhaust into the attic. Put an airfilter on the intake so bugs don't come in. Save the a/c for when it's really hot.
  5. Grabbing a chair..


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