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  1. So a couple weeks ago some Dbag in my fraternity broke my straight 14 inch piece.

    This really sucked because I had just bought a new illy ashcatcher two days previous. I cried and whined about it for a while. Then i stepped up to the plate and bought this crap. Illy is 9mm, the roor is 5mm.

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  2. those look nice as fuck... Good buys

    Why two straight tubes though?

    I'd get one perc and one straight if it was me :)
  3. Well Kalp I would have loved to get a perc'd bong but I live in a fraternity and shit like this doesn't last any longer than 3 months. Maximum. I've lived in the frat house for 1 year and already I've gone through 4 bongs. I'll let the natty (excuse me) fratty light cans do the talkin for me.
    Whenever I'm wasted and I bring friends up from a party to smoke, I use the little roor straight tube. Whenever I'm with close friends and not drunk I use the illy. This way the Illy has a longer life (hopefully).
  4. Yuengling!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I would keep an acrylic bong to use with all the drunk idiots. When I'm drunk I don't think I would really care if we were smoking a nice glass on glass or a fucking homemade.
  6. Yeah I agree don't keep letting your expensive glass get broken. Its already happened 4 times so I would get a pyrex or acrylic bong just like Indy is suggesting. Anyways + rep for the awesome glass and the Yuengling! Nobody drinks that shit, but its the best! :hello:
  7. [ame=""]YouTube - tricks2[/ame]
  8. nice bongs dude... like the A/C setup
  9. Plus rep on the Yuengling also.
    main reason why i love to go up north to nj and ny
  10. I like that 3rd pic!

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