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  1. Just got this today arent many places in colorado that have illadelph so its hard to find them. Its a 5mm straight tube, the down stem is green and white with platinum leaf outline. Its my first one. I plan on getting a glycerin illadelph or a custom kind creations later in the summer i havent decided yet, but this is always a nice edition to the collection.

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  2. nice man gotta love the small straight tubes!
  3. Daaamn that is rezzy, only had it a day?:smoke:
  4. those straight illys are the best
  5. Did you get it in Fort Collins? Boulder?
  6. Nice score.
  7. I got it at this place called heady glass. Its at 26 S. Broadway if you live in the area. Its really small from the outside but its pretty big inside. They also carry Bees line which i havent seen at any headshop in Denver so i was pretty stoked about that too. They carry lots of other high end stuff like hedman peices its a really nice place. The one i just got was listed at 250 but the guy in there (I beleive his name was chris) dropped it to 170 so i ended up paying 197 for everything. Pretty good deal if you ask me.
  8. hells yea. I got some bomb ass AK-47 to put through this bad boy. That nug weighs 7 grams if your wondering. Got me an O of that shit from my buddy who grows for 250!

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  9. Thats prime:smoke:

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