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New Illadelph Bong Help? coil?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by illy3ny, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. What's going on everyone...I have no idea why I haven't come across this forum but this is my first post, just saying whaddup...I figured to introduce myself here, I got a nice collection going so far, I will post pics eventually, so far I got:
    Green Ph(x) - 1 Perc w. splashguard
    Green glass rasta label Illadelph tube w/Illadelph green glass double chamber a/c...

    I'm thinking to get a bong, I've seen the rasta label Illadelph with the percs and I really like that....but I've always been curious about the coils? I got the money so if anyone could get some info or let me know what you think I should do...? My original plan was to get the rasta Illy with the perc and maybe an ashcatcher for now and wait for a coil but if anyone can convince me that the coil is the way to's your shot....

    Thanks everyone - I'll post pics of everything tomorrow...
  2. the coils are mad expensive and they crack soon enough to piss you off, I'd say avoid.
  3. i've hit a Illadelph Coil, and all i gatat say is.. "COLD HITS :) FTW!" a friend of mine has one, a beaker bottom, with green coil like thing that detactes.

    we'll he takes real good care of his. and hasnt had any problems yet.. :wave:

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