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  1. changing your identity?, not legally, just on the covers. my short story is this.

    over the last few years ive stacked up a couple first degree mis. charges. payed a shit load in fines and done some time for them. the problem is i can't get rid of these contempt of court charges and paying all my fines. so the fines keep stacking up and they just keep adding on more jail time. the county i got popped in, is notorious for fucking people over extremely hard. i just wanna move on with my life with my kids and wife. even when i surrender and do the time, when i get out they give me a ridiculously small amount of time to pay on more very heavy fines. it's like a never ending cycle.

    so the other night i did some homework and came across some fake ids and fake SOS# cards with great quality. i mean if some loser terrorist can get a greencard and a pilots license..... well maybe thats not the same but anyways. i guess my questions are this.

    lets just say for this argument the ids look legit

    if i just show a cop my id with a matching SOS# card. lets say its an out of state id. and he takes them back to his cruiser. does he type it in or just swipe it. (not even really sure that matters) but anyways aren't cops just logged in statewide? like if nothing comes up, that just means im clean in his state right? or does it mean "red light" these are fake? or even if its an instate id. does something have to come up, record or no record? a name, address, something. i mean they're just ids, not driver licenses'. like if a nosey cop wants some identification when im in the passenger seat in my wifes' speedy car, and im not looking at any personal charges, just trying to stay on the dl? has anyone had success with cops and fake identifications?

    this seems like a dicey subject even for GC standards. ive never hurt anybody or jeopardized my family in anyway. i just want to move on with my life peacefully.
  2. it's pretty easy if you go somewhere where nobody knows who you are just tell them you are blah blah it doesn't matter I tell people I am someone else all the time that I don't know because I dont want them knowing my real identity it's not a crime unless you steal someone else's identity or use it in some way to make money fraudently
  3. Im pretty sure they type it in ( been in the back of a few)
  4. just possessing a fake id is a crime. personally man, i think that would be a bad idea, especially if you're just gonna stay put in your state.
  5. You should only go ahead with this sort of thing if you're getting an actual fake identity rather than a fake identity card, what I mean is it's possible to actually create an entirely new person or assume the identity of a dead person. I dunno about the states but it's pretty easy to get a genuine government ID that says you are whoever you want to be in the UK, you just apply for an official ID card using a fake ID, it's a little more complicated than that but you get the gist.

  6. actually my wife does have an old friend who works at the DMV. so maybe i could use the fake to get an official id, if she's willing to use a blind eye. i hate to bring other people in this though. creating an entirely new person would be great, but getting your hands on a SOS# that doesn't already exist would be tough i would think.
  7. I wouldn't let people know what's happening if you were to do this thing. Especially some friend of your wife, no disrespect to her but suppose that one day she fights with your wife and decides to be a bitch and bust you. best thing to do is get all the forms and shit you need to apply for an official ID, take it all in, sit down and figure out what proof of ID you need to show when handing in your application for the official card then figure out how to fake that or how to find somebody that can fake it for you.
  8. I read a few chapter's of this in a shop in San Fran it seems pretty legit as far as advice on doing something you shouldn't be doing.

    To be honest I don't think it's a good idea man, can't you just not break the law as much?

    But anyway,

    [ame=""] How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found: Doug Richmond: Books[/ame]

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