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    the cigarreette would have a burst of flavors... maybe fruity, stronger tobacco, honey, strawberr, menthol, whatever .... right before the filter, signaling to stop soon. This would be especially good for camels and other white labels, which when you are in the dark, it is hard to see when to stop.

    Word up
  2. is called a camel burst or something
  3. camel crush
  4. id doesnt tell you when you almost finished though, its just extra flavouring.
  5. I think you have to pop the camel crush to make it menthol...........................
  6. Not a bad idea. But I like the shorts on cigarettes. Also to do that it, it would probably be really unhealthy.
  7. Trust me, they are trying to make fruity flavored cigs...... Congress is very against it. In fact, when they start pushing to hard for them, they start talking abou3t getting rid of menthols.....
  8. ya actually camel crushes gave me the idea. You could just move the crush ball up to a lil past the filter, and make it not unhealthy to smoke than a regular cigarette.
  9. Why not just smoke it down to the filter? The few times that I've smoked, I've always tried to get as close to the filter as possible. Fruity smokes does sound like a pretty interesting idea though.
  10. take a drop of tobacco flavouring (ie tasty puff) and put it right near the filter. Presto! exactly what you want lol
  11. would never work, it's too much teen advertising, which is against the law
  12. grown ups can like fruit also
  13. camel crush

    you smoke it like a normal cig, three hits before the filter you get a SHIT LOAD of menthol.
    1 your breath is good
    2 your mouth is refreshed
    3 you lungs feel nice

    but i smoke newports so camels dont have near enough what it takes to kick my nic fit
  14. Yea, you are right. It's suppose to be a "customizable" cig. Menthal seems to be harder to smoke for me than a normal cig. I smoke menthal on the reg and when I smoke a normal cig it's like there's no point. lol
  15. i wish i didnt come into this thread. . .
    all you people making me think of delicious cigarettes!

    im gonna go chew some gum
  16. are the new camel crush's out yet?
  17. ^ No not yet. They just started putting out signs for them. Or at least around here anyways.

  18. Same with me man. Nothing helps but a port.

    That's an interesting Idea. The tasty puff idea might work, never tried it...

    Gonna order some and see what happens. I'll post back.

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