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New HVY mini

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by nanners, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. My new 14mm HVY mini straight tube with a defused down stem- as you will see, it's a perfect fit for the stem on my MyrtleZap.





    I think the trippy work and cool bowl make it worth the $75 I paid :hello:
  2. double post?
  3. Yeah, I deleted the other one.
  4. sick pickup i like the colors on that
  5. Good looking Hvy,,post a vapor milk pleaseeee ^_^ .
  6. Got a milk vid but it's pretty wispy... as the Myrtlezap is a constant temperature and tuned for lighter hits it doesn't milk up as nice even as a MFLB. I can still post the vid if you wanna see how it works.
  7. Yes mam. if you can get a hit in the sunlight or in a well lit room you can see the vapor pretty well.
  8. Great lookin tube I really like the colors on it
  9. Milk. Best place to look is below the ice pinch... really hard to see myrtlezap vapor without direct sunlight.

  10. Where did you get it?

  11. At a local headshop.
  12. i like your hvy man,

    this was my hvy


    if you click it it's a milk vid but the joint recently broke so its no longer with me :(
  13. Pimp bong, nice pickup.
  14. Thanks guys, I'm really enjoying it.:)

    That bong looks pretty cool, too bad it broke though. Breaking a piece sucks.
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    not true, I have a Myrtle PD which is pretty similar in those ways and I got this. You can have good artificial light but you need a solid dark backround!
    heres mine


    anyway I really like your bong, really cool and nice to see more chicks on here :wave:

    You should get some mini stems for such a small tube, I prefer small pieces as well and got a couple of mini stems which are perfect!

    +rep nanners!! Are you on FC?
  16. #16 S4CR3D7, Jan 21, 2011
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    yeah it was awesome i was heart broken when it broke, it came with a medicali diffused downstem that i was able to save but i recently placed a custom order with DWB so im pretty stoked to get that:smoke:

  17. hmmmm...... maybe thats why I can't see the vapor on film, the hit looked so milkly in person. I'll have to try that..... my lighting sucks. lol

    Thanks for the rep!:) I love my new bong.

    I never heard of mini stems.... Where are they sold?

    I have a FC account and browse it, but never post...:p
  18. be careful of the glare that reflects off the glass, with the glare you cant see the vapor so well.
    and as you can see in my video towards the end theres a glimpse of light where you can really see the vapor.

    Im sure that MZ sells shorter stems. The PD site calls them Whip Rippers but Im sure they are called something else on the MZ site.

    I have been posting on FC quite a bit recently, you should really post at least a pic of your setup in the Customized vape bong setups thread.
  19. Awesome piece. I may be picking up a HVY in the near future. I'm pretty pumped.
  20. I like the matching bowl :smoke:

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