NEW HOSS PIECE - Don't hate on me!!

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    Alright so after much thought I decided to buy this HOSS piece. It's a little dirty as me and some buddies used it and didnt have iso to clean it atm. I was originally going to buy a DWB but when I saw this at my LHS, and the fact it looked like HOSS put out a new line I decided to buy it. I know people on here hate HOSS and I know they steal other glassblowers ideas etc. but this piece was just calling me, haha. It has a 10 arm reinforced tree with reinforcements at the bottom of each tree and also linking each tree together. its all 7mm thick and there is basically no drag. I took some pics using a vintage setting on my phone so that's why they look...well.. vintage. Will post a milk vid soon. *Edit* It looks "pink" in the photos but really it's a light violet and didnt look like that when I bought it haha. It believe it's color changing. Also added big pictures to see detail

  2. Nice glass....why is there table salt in what looks like your bathroom?

  3. There is an empty bottle of Iso laying next to it :rolleyes:

  4. Lol. it's my friends apartment and it's salt to go along with iso to clean bongs but didnt have iso at that time. We are Uni students and that's why it's so messy haha!
  5. nice b man and you can buy a circ/dome/tree if you want to add a double chamber.

    someone will say it so, less water only half inch about slits
  6. Sweet man, I dont really dig how the tube disconnects though, are all Hoss pieces made like that?
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    Ya, I'm experimenting with water levels, with a bit more water it gives a smoother hit with still no drag. with water only a bit above the slits it feels as if there is no water at all

  8. This is the "build a bong" line of HOSS and they have all sorts of different attachments to put on. But as far as the whole seperate part I love it because A: easier to clean B: easier to hide (in my dorm) C: it's a very very strong joint, 7mm both.
  9. Oh, niice, blaze on mang:bongin:

  10. Ya I was thinking of maybe getting an A/C like a TORO circ but I think that would be slapping TORO in the face! LOL. Considering that when I checked out the TORO 10 arm it looks EXACTLY the same as mine. Only mine doesnt used boro glass
  11. Nice bong man. Even though a lot of people hate on HOSS for your before mentioned reasons and how the joints can sometimes be kind of shitty but the "build a bong" idea is actually pretty cool. Does that mean you can buy different pieces from HOSS and use them interchangably/add more on? I just wanna make sure I'm getting this right
  12. Yes/no. HOSS has done all of the face slapping, help Toro out and get a circ a/c, itll function better than the tube.

    The Toro ten arm may LOOK similar, but i can assure that whats behind it is NOT.

    Also, just about every tube and hand pipe is made of borosilicate glass, did the salesman tell you this was superdupersilicate? lol

    Im not here to hate on HOSS, at least you have a nice water pipe, but dont be TOO proud of it

  13. I know they aren't the same. And no the guy didn't say it was "super.." glass but all I know is that TORO is better quality glass and that's really the only big difference, besides price. And about the TORO A/C functioning better than the whole tube? pfft get real dude this thing stacks bubbles like mad and the physics behind it says so. Not trying to rip on you but i'm just pissed at all this HOSS hate, there is no logical reason to think HOSS is shitty.
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  14. Yeah dude, there are many many different types of attachments you can add, such as the coil, or I could even add a chamber with any perc, pretty cool as they all use the same joint size and if I break the bong it's technically only half broken haha!
  15. Sorry for all the double posts.. not sure how to fix them. Anyway heres a quick vid of a buddy taking a quick milk of My boy blue,

    [ame=]YouTube - video 2011 01 27 22 14 43[/ame]

  16. EXACTLY, us nucks got it figured out your just putting smoke in your lungs.. Cooling and no drag is all you need not a 500+ bong to do so. It's funny cause we got all the cheap dank yet we could care less about high end glass.. Awesome tube bro props on standing up for the hoss haha even if there knock offs cheap glass etc. They get the job done
  17. Looks really nice bro i'd love to hit out of that
  18. Looks cool :D
  19. whatta beaut, looks like it would hit super smooth.

    enjoy your pick up dude!
  20. If I had to buy China Glass, I would probably end up buying a Hoss.

    Nice pick up.

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