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new hook up

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sigh, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. So, I haven't smoked for a long time (3 weeks, except 4/20/weekend). I had been dry during this period, so i'm chillin at work covering for someone that wanted me to work 5-10 (friend was going away), so a guy comes in and drops off 3 g for the guy im working with and it looked pretty white so naturally being dry for so long ask him if hes got anymore. So then i end up buying 7g for $50 canadian (decent price!), hes like "yo you got my number?" i replied "nah man what is it?". So he gave me the info. In the end the guy said I could pick up the same for $40 next time i call.

    Then i get home and imediatly start hitting the old homemade bong i haven't used for 3-4 weeks. I smoked 4-5 bowls then watched some tv, man i am pretty fucked so when i turned on the tv i just watched somebullshit that was on it I dont even know remember what it was but it sucked,I totaly forgot about different channels; i just sat there and watched some bs show. So im like fuck! Then i go take a shower where i walk in, at this point im naked. Then i kinda stood there looking at the shower expecting it to do something, and for some reason i hit the light switch off. While i was hitting the switch it was like i was doing something to pass a stage in getting the water going or to make this machine commence, I dunno it was fucked... so anyway I'm pretty high and am going to end up going out and smoking alot or just chilling at home in my room smokin out of my homemade.

  2. Good shit dog, you gettin hooked up. you got a camera to show us some pics of that bud?

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