New Homemade Pipe

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by burandino, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. use the bottom end of a miniature baseball bat, the souvenir kind, and an ak-47 bullet, then like 1/2 inch of another bullet for the bowl, welded on. it's pretty nice if you want a kind of small bowl to smoke.

  2. Lol that is the most gangsta handpipe I've ever seen LOL usin' AK-47 bullets 'n what not.

    Looks nice. Brass might not be too tasty though.

  3. haha yeah, its not the best tasting, but at least it's not a soda can or some bullshit like that haha
  4. If you could make them look more official I would start selling them. Hah
  5. haha funny you say that, i showed my friend and they said they would pay me $10 for one haha
  6. how did you weld to brass? curious to know because i wanna make one
  7. bah if only i still had my oxyacetylene torch
  8. Yeah maybe if you got good at them. You could sell them on eBay if your old enough to. I would buy one just to have
  9. looks hella mad man!
  10. DAMN.

    By far one of the coolest homemade pipes I've ever seen.
  11. thanks, i'm gonna try to think of some more to make, not like this one, but i'll keep ya'll updated haha
  12. For sure. If you decide to market these, definitely PM me.

    Not sure about smoking quality, but I'd pay $5-10 just to have one!


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