New homemade and my first joint

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by bKush, Sep 26, 2009.

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    SO i made a new homemade out of a POM bottle. Looks nice and hits nice. I call her bitter-sweet


    I also finally rolled my first joint. sorry for the bad quality pics. cell phone cam. my real cam is sorta dead. but anyways, its kinda loose cuz i didnt wanna use a lot of weed and roll a shitty joint. I used a piece of business card for a small filter thing.

  2. sweet homemade but the j....needs some work
  3. thanks.

    and yeah my rolling skills need some serious time. ive never really been much of a joint/blunt smoker.
  4. shit u roll better than me lol, but i say as long as it smokes, its good.

    nice, ima get me one of those bottles now :)
  5. lol thanks ^_^

    yeah pom bottles make super clean bongs.
  6. That bong is very clean and professional looking, great job on it. The joint eh, its ok since its your first time but learning to roll a better one is always a benefit. You may always think oh ill always have my pipe or whatever on me, chances are you'll need it.
  7. If you want to learn how to roll fast, go to your local gas station and pick up a pouch of bali shag rolling tobacco. Not only does it taste great, you will know how to roll by the end of the pouch.
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    very good job on the bong
    ps: stick with the bong, not the j, and what did u use to make the bowl
  9. thanks for all the responses guys.


    i'm not sure if you saw my other thread from a few days ago, but its a pic of my acrylic bong. i took the bowl from another pipe that i had and i took the stem and rubber grommet from the bong.

    and for the carb i just used my torch lighter and blasted a hole real quick.


    i just might have to do that. how much is that tobacco?


    thank you ^(^ yeah i always opt for the bong/spoon. but lately ive been feeling like a J. imma try to roll another one.

    cant wait til i get an actual glass bong. ive got my eye on one. its probably a made-in-china piece but i dont care, as long as it smokes nice.

    its got ice pinches and a slide and its only $30

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