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    There is no water in it at the moment, ill upload some milk pictures later.


    Been wanting to make this for some time now and its finally done. Could use some minor tweaking but does NEED it.

    These bottles rip like no other, but are still small enough to put in your lap. There are two exit hoses to allow two people to hit it, but are small enough to have one person it it if you'd like.

    The hoses are adjustable to let you select how much water you want in the bottle which effects the chamber size. Used it last night w/ my friend and GF. For as little as i smoked last night it got me pretty good.
  2. Holy shit. I imagine it would.

  3. thats crazy :hello:
  4. Check it out.

    Cover the base of all the blue tubes with masking tape.

    Leave that Duct tape on there and spray paint all of those bottles black.


    Remove the old duct tape.

    Get new duct tape and cut out a small square window from the middle of each part of the duct tape strip where it aligns with the bottle. (See fig. 1)

    Use these little windows to tell water level.

    Figure 1


    Just a stoned creativity thought!

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    sorry, had to delete this for certain purposes
  6. nice, you could diffuse the ends of your hoses too, nice milk
  7. thanks dude, yeah if i cut holes in the hoses that go under the water. thanks for the idea, lol
  8. but also remember plug up the original holes, and to test if its good diffusion, i blow through with every cut, once the resistance is the same with the new diffusion you know you have the right amount, then plug it
  9. fuckin primo dude.
  10. you can't just cut holes in the hose w/o plugging the bottom? really makes that much diff?
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    since i am redoing the design, here is a post of what it looks like so far, still not finished but very close...


    going to eventually put the downstem in a stopper as well as the hoses on the sides of the bottles therefore i wont need hotglue at all.. also fixed the VERY VERY minute air problem, full suction throughout the whole piece now. will soon customize the bottles as well---thanks to phased for the idea.

    P.S. just wait till i make a new homemade---idea is a smaller voss bottle stacked onto the bigger bottle w/ a tree perc (think thats what it is called) inside the smaller bottle.
  12. Nice Milk Man!!!!:)


    I am sick of my dugout, considering I am a bong man.

    I need to buy a piece. Every time I have money it goes to the ganja.
    Perhaps I should make one, then again every time I get too lazy. :mad:

    I need to stop buying Quads.
    baaaaaaalllllllssssssssssss =[

    Sorry, I'm on a blazed mind questioning spree. I don't know, perhaps you do.
  13. When I saw that tape holding the 3 bottles together I couldn't stop thinking of that movie "Blankman". Haha, I don't know why.
  14. dude its cool to see how creative you can really get with homemade material. dude that is super sick, i dont really blaze out of homemade (had a bad experience) but i would def blaze outta that because it looks so well put together. nice dude very nice.
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    yeah, just wait to see the finished piece, friends were commenting on what i should do to customize it and its going to be EPIC... but every time i see it i dont think "i should get on finishing it" i think "man i want to smoke a bowl out of it" but in good time it will get finished lol.

    to make a non ghetto sobe bottle GB, just crack the special spot (i drilled mine to get a nice circular hole) go down to your local head shop, get a rubber stopper (used for hookahs) that fits a long downstem and there you go... use your bowl piece from your bong and your set to go. sorry, i like putting a little bit more money in my homemade pieces than the average person due to the fact i am still saving a WHOLE lot of money.... that piece above prolly rips better than alot of $200 dollar bongs (only smoked out of a few pricey ones)

    P.S. if anybody needs help w/ making a piece feel free to ask, when im stoned i get quite creative in new methods of toking. (i am not experienced at making pieces, this one is only my third homemade bong, but i can try to help w/ new ideas or such)
  16. i just used a voss bottle too to make a bong
  17. i wanna see some milk
  18. the milk is in the link, i was to stoned at the time to figure out how to embed it onto the forum
  19. Hahaha so much glue.

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