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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by HitsFromDaBong, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Been blazin a long time but never tried to grow any
    would really like to know the best strain and where to buy it
    needs to be shipped to USA would like the most potent that will grow well indoors
    Peace Out
  2. Try seedsdirect or heaven's stairway for seeds. they rae in the links button up top.

    First time grow indoors... hmmmmm.. we try to recommend to newbs that they go with a cheap seed to start with. No need in wasting money on seeds while you are experimenting. Try bagseeds first, but if you want to buy some good seeds that are easy to grow and cheap try:

    Durban Poison
    Topp 44
    any Skunk
    any Northern Light

    Those are good to start ooff with, cheap, and easy to grow.

    Good Luck, keep your grow to yourself and don't tell anyone what you are doing. BE safe and secure.
  3. Thx Big Pappa
    No doubt on the keepin it down low

    Peace OUt
  4. those are all outside of us places...

    will the seeds get into the us without any problems?????

    has anyone brought from inside the us in here????

    what kinda rep do they have?????

    ive seena lot of people suggest northern lights in here cuz its cheap and easy

    in my area
    northern lights havent been around in about 5 years...and it super expensive when someone does get a hook(expensive 5 yrs ago i cant imagine the price now....)

    whats up with that

  5. Most seeds come into the US from canada and the UK.

    There are lots of US seeds sites, most are ripoffs because seeds are illegal in the USA, but they are legal in Canada and the UK.

    Prices rise and fall, but you can get some original strain NL seeds cheap.

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