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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BigMatty, May 24, 2006.

  1. Whats up everybody?

    Heres my problem, I have a test to pass
    I need something that will help me to pass a urine dot test. I havent smoked in about a year or so(sux cause i used to love it so much,I do miss it so :( doesnt help that my new girlfriend does it daily :( anyhoo) i took three hits from a pipe on a sat afternoon. well i found out on my way in to work the following tues they were going to test me so i called out. i went and bought a home test kit and i was dirty for thc i also got off until next week(tues) from a doctors note to give me more time to get clean. I need something to help me get clean before then if i cant do it naturally. I work out at the gym 3-4 days a week weight training,30-45mins of cardio i weigh 230lbs and my bf% is 22% what can i do? thanks in advance for any help. BTW I also did a search allready and would just like some opinions on what would be the best method for me. Funny i know, i used to smoke like a chiminy a few years ago and never had to worry about a test but now that i drive a truck for a living i had to give it up

    Take a few hits for me fellas!
  2. We'll your lucky. You only got high once, and you're in good shape.

    First off, you should go get a glass of water right now. Dont wait for the next sentence.

    You need to drink as much water as possible. Your piss is going to be changing colors.

    As for products, there are MANY detox pills/powders/suppliments. Only one I'ce heard of is goldseal, but it does screw with your creatine levels, so they test for that now too.

    Buy a bottle of creatine and start taking the directed amount. It will help you build muscle since you're already working out, and will heighten your dilluted urine levels.

    Find one of those detox substances (wait for someone else to post), and you should be okay.
  3. i agree^^^ drink a truckload of water. maby taking niacin will help. i think it helped me but ive herd it dont. green tea. go to GNC and ask for a detox drink. its lke 50 bucks but follow the directions and youll be good. drink water.

    p.s. drink water
  4. Head to GNC and pick up a bottle of GoldenSeal Root 15 bucks a bottle, break open 12 pills into a glass mix it with a little viniger about 2oz or so worth, make sure you mix it really good.

    Cleans out your system in a few hours, this is the methoid I have used a few times and its worked everytime.

    only caution ill throw out is its hard to keep down very foul.... but it works :D

    should look somthing like this

  5. honestly bro ur good .. get another home test or 2 and keep testin ur self.. 3 hits .. 1 year clean.. it wil lbe there for like 2 days
  6. Thanks for all the advice guys i appreciate it. I thought i read somewhere that they check for the goldenseal nowadays? Anyway i will be drinking alot of water(allready started) and ill look into the detox drink at GNC, I went on thier website and saw one but they said it wasnt availible in NJ but ill take a look at the local store anyway.I'll also keep taking my multi vit which will keep the color there. Thanks again.

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