New here from the MIDWEST!

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    Sup all, my names Nando, im 19 from wisconsin, been smoking since New years of 2010!!

    I dont know much about weed, i dont know how to roll blunts or even work a bong, i just hotbox with my friends. I would like to start smoking by myself at home, relax and play video games!!

    I joined to learn more about marijuana, gain knowledge and to chill here.

    Im into cars, internet, computers, friends, chicks, learning about life, and smoking weed!!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful whacky world of weed my friend
  3. sounds like your into some kinky shit as well from the looks of your username
  4. where in wisconsin?
  5. Hey what kinda cars are you in to? I'm from the state down one and to the right of Wisconsin ;) and I have a problematic addiction to cars. Are you somebody who can name the Make Model and Model Year of a car by looking at it for 2 seconds? I'm quite proud of that ability :cool:
  6. Welcome to the City man. If you havent already im sure you'll get addicted to the forums here and read read read, but its all in good fun.. especially if your ripped. =]

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