New heady slide

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  1. Just got this at my LHS yesterday and I love it. Anyone know of a nice heady bubbler for sale to go with it?



  2. A bubbler with a slide? What?
  3. Plenty of bubblers use slides
  4. Really? I've never seen one ever.
  5. are you serious? how do you have that much rep and have never seen a bubbler with a slide?
  6. The hell does rep have ANYTHING to do with seeing a bubbler with a slide? Rep means I'm helpful, not that I've studied every god damn smoking system.
  7. [quote name='"KyleMatthew"']Really? I've never seen one ever.[/quote]

    As far as I know, what separates bubblers and bongs is the mouth piece. You've probably seen one, but maybe not.

    I've been told to check boro market, can anyone explain what that is? Or if it's a good site to order glass?

  8. [ame=]Luke Wilson 54 Tree Arm Bubbler Vertigo Glass Collab Set - YouTube[/ame]

    Well now you know broski.
  9. Ya im a member of Boromarket. Theres a LOT of nice glass for sale on there for decent prices. Its a forum where people sell there glass.

    Its got a $50 fee though but its fo life.

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