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New headies pick up.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PhoenixInFlames, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Half ounce of this wonderful bud... I dont know what strain it is, do you? Id like to know. Could be no name headies tho i guess.





    Smokes reallll nice. Tons of kief in my kief catcher now. Has a pretty nice smell....I dont know what strain it is, guy i get it from doesnt know either. Whats it look like? Paid $200 for a half o.
  2. This is just a guess but it looks like some Northern Lights. Im not sure, but they look awesome anyway lol. Nice pickup + rep :D
  3. Doesn't look like NL but mayb its NL crossed with a no name or another strain.
  4. no1 can tell you the name of the strain just by looking at it.
  5. No one can say the strain for certain other than the grower. The bud resembles some Northern Lights I have had in the past but that don't mean much.

    The bud sure looks dank so enjoy strain regardless :smoke:
  6. lol yeah i know, I just wanted to see what people would say to get some ideas. But yeah this bud is dank as shit. Taste sooooo minty fresh when its smoked, I love has a real nice high too, doesnt couch lock you.
  7. LOL that shit looks very niccce.
  8. email me a gram son. lol man that stuff looks good.

  9. +rep for you fail me.
  10. I like couch lock drooling bud!
  11. Does the smell border on a skunk? That looks a whole lot like S.A.G.E.
  12. That weed looks pretty good, keep tokin! +rep.
  13. do you have a magnetic space case grinder? it looks exactly like mine.
  14. looks like Sensi Star that i get.. hmm looks nice tho enjoy
  15. looks like purple haze to me:D.. nice bud by the way
  16. Name or not, it looks damn good. +rep
  17. Damn looks just like some bud i have seen around here.

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