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New Hardware + 1/2 beasters

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Knox, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Whatup GC :D

    Thought I'd share some of my new purchases:

    Just picked up my first bong, its nothing super special, but I love it and it treats me very well :smoke:

    May I introduce, Reverend Thomas Toogood...


    While it looks clear, there are "ghost" designs in the glass that show up when you smoke, its pretty cool. Unfortunately I only have my cell phone camera so they won't really show up. I'll try to get a real digital camera soon and take some decent shots.

    Here is a 1/2 (well, 2 1/4s) of decent beasters I just picked up, $100...not too bad for Boston:


    Reverend Toogood with the new treats:


    Sorry for the shitty quality of the pics...I'll try to get a real camera to get some good pics of the bong.

    Take it easy...:wave:
  2. that bong is sick dude +rep
  3. nice bong man. those ghost designs sound pretty cool i've never seen a bong with them before. Nice price on the 1/2 but it doesnt really look like 1/2 but maybe its real dense +rep
  4. Thanks man! Don't worry, haha, it's 14.2 grams, I weighed it out myself...real dense stuff.

    Oh yeah, my boys and I are going to christen it tonight so I'll try to get some nice milkshots...:bongin:
  5. Lol, that bong is nice as hell but looks like a ribbed condom. +rep cause of that. lol
  6. where in boston (and for how much) did u pick that up? i frequent all the shops, but more so Sugar Daddys. if u havent been there, check them out. the people are really cool and know their shit. with that said, they also dont take shit, so saying "bong" will get u thrown out. they are the only place in boston to get RooRs and Illadelphs though.

    edit :: sorry, missed that u said the bags were 100$. not bad for boston.
  7. Holy shit, i have the miniature version of that bong! Does it have bluish colored fumes that you can only see when its against something dark? The bowl is exactly the same, too! Where did you get it?
  8. I've seen this on here a few times and it shocks me. There is a headshop a couple hours from me in Calgary that has the word BONG in their name and proclaims it in 2ft letters on a backlit sign. Haven't been in ther eyet though.
  9. I got this one at the Hempest on Newbury street, only $110, not really that bad for what I got. I haven't been to Sugar Daddy's, but I've heard about them before, isn't that in Kenmore Square? I have heard that its pretty overpriced, but like I said I've never been there. Also, I didn't refer to the bong I purchased in the store as a "bong". I never once hinted at marijuana use, even though we both knew what it was going to be really used for. And by the way, I love your Rasta of my dream pieces. :bongin:
  10. Hell yeah man it is exactly that! Like I said in the above post, I got it at the Hempest on Newbury St in Boston. Awesome bong man, where'd you get yours? Got any pics? :D
  11. As promised, some quick pics from its recent christening session.

    Nice big milkshot:


    Bowl after first session:



    I absolutely love it! :D
  12. Im so jealous of not owning a bong.
  13. i hear ya. ive never had my own bong, just a few select pieces. nice setup. have fun hehe...
  14. it is a must have dude
  15. You are totally right man. When I first started smoking I only smoked out of little spoons and the occasional bubbler. I had been smoking for about 6 months before I first hit a bong and to be honest, I didn't see the real big deal about them. I just figured your still smoking the same weed, how different can it be? Boy was I wrong! :D Ever since that first bong rip I've been hooked and I'm so psyched to finally have my own.:love:
  16. Ditto the bong is the way to go. I have a few, and love them all, but I would like to get a bubbler though. Just have to find the right piece you know, can't just settle it has to be my piece. JOE>

    P.S. Enjoi the new bong guy.:hello:
  17. Nice bong you got there my dude
  18. nice bong...time for some milk shots! Can't really tell how good the beasters is...btw... hope you enjoy it, hit it extra hard for the bong:D
  19. Here is another milkshot from last night if that other one is too blurry. I'll try to get a real camera soon and take some legitimate pics.


    thanks for lookin' :wave:

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