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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by seekup, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I'm a 20 year old student who has been a persistent smoker for just over a year.

    Ive smoked for around 2 years, but it never really had to much affect on me till about a year ago. So I didnt start buying till a year ago.

    Hope to find some people to talk to, and share info with. Hope to start growin too, just on a recreational basis.

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  2. good books, spliffs is great...... if my scanner still worked i'd post some pages. i recommend it.

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  3. bong named stewie......... when i bought him i liked him. now he doesnt get much use.

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  4. steamroller named stanley.

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  5. bowl, little john

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  6. thanks a lot, the steamroller i got from a shop right near me for 20 bucks. he gets a lot of use, thats why he looks so bad. heres a pic of me........ im on the left.

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  7. Welcome to the city.. Come on in and enjoy yourself!
  8. Ha, nice Half Baked pic bro. And did you really name all of your pieces? That must've been a task...
  9. yeah, all my friends since highschool named their pieces. so i picked up on it. ill smoke from em once, and the first name that comes to mind will be their chosen name.
  10. LOL, thats funny as crap .. that half baked thing ! I want one !!!!

    Nice 2 meet u babe

  11. welcome to the city bud. i think youll fit in fine. :)
  12. welcome to the city!!! nice pic;)!
  13. welcome! good to see another dave fan here.
  14. Welcome aboard man! :)

    Nice pieces you got there, and kickass photo. Half Baked rocks. :D

    Happy Smoking.
  15. ///maniac........... you going to any concerts this summer? ive been to 7 total, but not too sure which im going to this summer. I have 3 im going to for sure, but not sure about anywhere else.

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