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  1. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and to smoking in general. The only times I've gotten high were from kind gestures rom a friend of mine. As much as I like free weed, I rather not be the guy who leeches of somebody's supply. So recently, I took it upon myself to make a One-Hitter out of several pens. I'm entirely new to this homemade stuff and have only ever smoked joints. I was wondering if you guys could tell me whether or not it came out ok.

    I also have no idea how to prepare a One-Hitter. As I said, my friend has always helped me with these things. Can anybody help out?
  2. Hey man, I'm new to the forums but I've been smoking for a while. If you want a good pipe I recommend an apple. [ame=]How To Make An Apple Pipe - YouTube[/ame] It's natural just like weed :D so try it out. Look at the related videos and just find what you like. I bought a real bong (the one as my avatar) I personally don't think I'd use that pen. Looks difficult to use. This apple pipe you can eventually just throw out, or eat lol. I made a bong out of just a bottle and a pen like yours. Feel free to message me man. :3 Toke up newbie. :smoking:
  3. It looks alright. I would recommend just making a bong out of a 2-liter instead of using that thing though. Back in the day before I moved out, that is what I used. Just stick a highlighter tube through the side, and find something to use as a bowl. Aluminum foil works but be very careful because it contains chemicals.
  4. I use to use pens all the time when I was in highschool. Pen, socket, electrical tape is all ya need. You have the right idea.

    Take the BIC pen (the best to use), cut it to desired length. Get a small socket, like 10 or 11mm, use the electrical tape and tape the socket to the pen. There ya go. Not the safest or best thing to use but it does the trick.

    I do recommend something natural like the apple.
  5. id stay away from the plastic bro. do you not have 10-20 for a decent pipe? hot plastic is terrible for the lungs in so many ways.
  6. spend $3 and get a glass one hitter....
  7. Yeah, if you don't want to spend any money I would go with an apple pipe. You could even make a water filtered one. (other fruit/veggies work, ex. potato).

    I don't ever recommend smoking out of materials you are unsure of. You could pick up some papers for a few dollars, or a cheap little metal pipe or spoon for not too much. (Still don't get the taste of an apple though, and since it's disposable it's always fresh and clean.)


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  8. Thanks for the feedback. Guess I'll ditch this little project and have a go at the apple.

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