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  1. Hey have been growing since about 06(on n off.I used to be on hg420, dr chronic forums and even here but have no idea my old accounts). But recently have went through about 4 grows/harvest (indoors) again as normal but now growing my 3rd ducks foot its started growth that I haven't seen before, with the other 2 or just any Mj plants ive ever grown in general. So just wondering if anyone else has had this kind of growth before or anything as like I said all the years and diff strains I've grown have never had this kinda growth. It started from the node as a new branch but never grew any leaves just a branch with calyx and has continued growing Screenshot_20221113_125955.jpg
  2. back in the day 1985-2015 plus, breeders didn't hesitate to use GA3 (Gibberellic Acid) on their plants to force sex (make fems)
    the issue is that the offspring for many generations will show deformations, as above

    I know as I have done such a thing, and never again, the deformations of my Porto Rojo went on for 8 generations or about 6 years before I chucked her out, along with the GA3

    good luck
  3. Thanks.. wasnt sure what was going on ,like I said I grew 3 so far from the pack and all grew normal didnt really show anything different other then webbed leaves(its ducksfoot) but this 1 all the sudden now has shot these up all over the plant.

  4. Auxins(hormones) called indole-3-acetic acid has been screwed by GA3 cgeck the pic

    A healthy Arabidopsis thaliana plant (left) next to an auxin signal-transduction mutant
    with a repressed response to auxin....your canna is the opposite thanks to the GA3 damage
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