New growth yellow(whitish?) after couple days into 12/12

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by gunknug, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Noticed my new growth is starting to yellow, not sure what my problem is, did notice a little bit of burning on tips so i did a small flush using pH'd RO water about 2-3 days before photo, is this a magnesium deficiency or am I just paranoid? First time grower 20190625_001806.jpg

    Soil: Fox farms ocean forest (perlite added and some dolomite lime)
    Nutes used: Grow big and Cal mag using RO water.
  2. I don’t see any yellow in the picture you provided. Take a deep breath and know your grow looks great!

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  3. I very well could be wrong, but aren't those older leafs a little too dark? I.e. too much nitrogen? I dunno if that would cause the lighter color new growth.

    * Edit: Check here: Nitrogen Toxicity?

    Seems for this grower calimagic (Calcium - Magnesium) resolved.
  4. Looks good to me. New growth shows up lighter for me sometimes too, usually soon after flip. Those tend to be the budsites. Keep an eye on lower leaves, the first couple of weeks of flower if you dont use a lil nitro ferts, the lower ones will yellow up. A lil nitro or grow nutes will help with that and the stretch. Good luck!

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  5. Thanks all for the input! I'll watch how it does for a bit and see if it does get any worse then I might do as @natas-420 linked and get some calimagic. Now that my lights are about to turn off they seem to have got a little greener :blink:.
  6. Perfectly normal, if the stems turn red and the yellow spreads you need nitrogen, get ready because that girl is going to explode, adjust nutrients according she is likely to double in size.
  7. Read up on defoliation she is bushy and thick and I think your case you will need it around week 3 or 4 from switch to 12/12
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  8. New growth will grow yellow as she's stretching n growing faster I thort same thing when I first noticed but happy to see it on every grow

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  9. Start gradually lowering your veg nutes. Half veg, half bloom nutes. Then only bloom nutes after 3-4 weeks of flower. Now that you're into flower, you need to lower nitro in particular. She's only going to want P and K really from here on. The very light green, almost yellow that you see is new growth. Your girl is growing up so fast *tear*. Its good man. Health AF.

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  10. I know this thread is getting rather old but I'm curious what OP's lighting setup is/was. This seems to be quite common when switching to 12/12 & from what I gather, it may just be because the plants were getting plenty light in veg, but the DLI dropped a considerable level when you switched...

    So, my hypothesis is, less light, less green.

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