New growth...on my flowering plants!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by earthsess, May 11, 2011.

  1. Flowering for 6 weeks and suddenly realised new growth on top my buds. Any idea whats up?

  2. Dude, are you sure that's marijuana? ;) Looks mutantoid.

    POst in the growers forums, you'll get more help. Gotta tell you tho, can't see what's going on in the pics but I can't see any evidence of 6 week old buds. :confused:
  3. Troll

  4. It was budding before and all of a sudden it jus started shooting again. The growth u r seeing all grew out of the colas.
  5. Its def MJ : ).......I've been using all purpose Fert.
  6. i agree with freedom, looks like teenage mutant marijuana...look at how many single bladed leaves there are:eek:

    are you in the southern or northern hemisphere?
  7. umm..what cola:confused: there is no cola period
  8. That thing is sooooo stressed. Mutated like crazy.
  9. if you are in the northern hemisphere this is what happened...

    you started the plant too early and because the daylight hours were not long enough (still early spring) the plant was stressed at a young age into flowering (thats most likely also why it is mutated atm) BUT NOT TO WORRY! now that the days are getting longer the plant is responding by switching back into veg, it will continue to veg until towards mid or end of summer when daylight hours decrease again....

    the bad news is that this plant will probably become very chaotic in its growth

    the good news is that sometimes a mutant like this will turn into a mutant monster:eek::D
  10. ok..i live in the caribbean........(tropics) so we pretty much have alot of sun....i started growing in february..we have no winter....the colas are below the new growth not in the pic....I agree that its mutated, because it looked weird as a small plant....but its the strongest smelling plant i've ever grown so i pretty much hope i get some good buds from it. I dont mind it getting really huge...i have the space for it...this is my first grow jus for hobbie...but i hope to learn as much as possible some day...i cant wait till it becomes legal i have like 130 acres of land in jamaica jus waiting to be planted on ; )

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