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  1. so i started growing. i am pretty sure its a bit late in the season, but its w/e. my seeds (five of them) came up, planted in the ground (in some very good compost). i cant watch them during the week as i have school, so all i can do is come home and check on and water them every weekend. obviously not the ideal setup, but i do what i can. ive lost a plant, due (i gather) to its location. i still have four that look very strong, ive moved them into cups with rock below compost. ive sat them in a glass box in half sun half shade.

    any advice would be greatly appreaciated:)

  2. Cool man, you'd be surprised how strong those little plants can be! If I were you, I'd
    get them into something larger than cups pretty soon. The roots will grow far faster
    than the top will, so you dont want to let your plant get rootbound or anything.

    How big are they now? Can we see a pic?

    We'll get ya through this :)

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
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    they are still pretty small, about an inch or two up. one came up, then promptly died.

    another kinda wilted, i moved it (and the others) into the cups and gave it plenty of water, but i doubt itll make it. its the morning after and it still looks pretty sad.:(

    the other three are doing great. when i moved them i noticed that two of them had very good roots, almost as long as the stem of the plant itself. the other has smaller roots but now that its in tha cup i hope itll do better, the plant itself looks happy.

    theyre about two inches tall, two roundish leaves and two little jagged ones on each.

    pix u sai?

    ill see what i can do:)




    as you can see one has an ant problem. tips?
  4. Those are stretched, get them repotted and bury them up closer to the cotyledons.

    Otherwise, just keep em moist and they'll do fine for awhile.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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