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  1. I have M.S. for about 11 years now and live in Michigan.We just past a medical marijuana law going into effect April 4 2009.I can legally grow up to 12 plants.Now, I have done alot of research online and believe I may have a good idea how to grow pot successfully.This is what I'm thinking.The grow box-4'x4'x6' for 4 plants not 12.The light-400w or 600w m.h.(veg. state)h.p.s.(bud state).4-6 inch cooling fan(3 speed) at bottom of box mounted in middle with 4-6 inch hole in top of box opposite side for exhaust.Paint inside of box flat white or get some mylar. Leaning more towards hydro than soil.Check out the bucketeer at Mount a temperature/barometer guage with 2 sided tape inside of box at same level as plants as they grow.Using 3 speed fan try and maintain a temp of 68-78deg.Also monitor Ph with good Ph tester.The people at the Hydro store can help me more with the hydoponic end of it. A guy I know has some clones of the Northern Lights strain that he is going to give me. Thats about all I can think of. Did I leave anything out? Any advise?
  2. Decent plan, you've done a lot of good homework. Some thoughts:

    You will want a minimum of 2 fans, one mounted in the exhaust line pulling air out of the cab, and a small one inside the cab putting a light breeze on the plants. And I assume you are providing intake as well, usually passive (no fan) is fine.

    That 4x4 footprint is awfully large for just 4 plants. Why not make the box smaller (3x3) if you don't want more plants? The larger the area the more dispersed your light will be, the less reflection off the walls you will get, etc.

    I like to have the thermometer not just at plant-top level but under the light at that level, that is what the plants are experiencing.

    You didn't mention nutes or pH, I assume you know what to get for that.

    G'luck, let us know how it goes.

  3. My dad has had MS for as long as I can remember... it's too bad our laws in Pennsylvania aren't as medical-marijuana friendly as yours are in Michigan. That doesn't stop him from blazing, though.

    Good luck to you on your grow.
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    Any good advise on nute's? I had a couple in mind but don't remember at this time.A good Ph is around 6. Right? Oh yeah, Fox Farm's nuts.Both for veg. and bud. Different formulas though. The reason for a 4x4 foot print for 4 plants the idea was to let them veg until almost touching then induce bud stage.I.E. switch to h.p.s. for 12/12.The bigger the plant before bud stage the more bud's. Am I right?
  5. typically yes, bigger plant = more bud sites = more bud.

    youre gonna have a good grow it sounds like. well thought out before you get started...the way it should be. that said, youll probably revise your plan like 100x before its all said and done, but thats a good thing, cause there's always room for improvement.
  6. It's true that a bigger plant should have a bigger yield, but even so you don't need 4 sq ft per plant. If you want to maximize yield per plant look into LST and/or scrog.

    Soil pH should be kept 6.3-6.8.

    Fox Farm has a trio of nutes to use from beginning to end with a schedule to follow of which to use how much when.

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