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  1. hi im new to growing and this is my first attempt ever. i have the seeds in germination stages now trying to get the seed to working with a low budget and will be building my own box to put the plant in. the plant will then be cared for in my closet inside the cardboard box. the box will be lined with aluminum foil and have a fan with a light bulb. my question is what kind of light should i use and remember low low budget:confused:. seeds have been germinating for about 3days now and showing good sings i think:D
  2. No aluminum foil, you'll get hot spots. You could use copier paper or soda cans (though they trap heat) and you should use CFLs (energy saving and cheap) bulbs with a 5000-6000k light color rating during the vegetative stage, then when you switch to flower, get 2700k bulbs.
  3. foil is bad.

    Flat white paint is a very good alternative to mylar.

    CFL's will be your best choice for cheap bulb selection.
  4. thanks for the advice i just got a blue grow light for plants its a 50watt light and i have a reflector 8 1/2in that the lights screwed into. do i need to do 12hr lighting periods for the plants if they just sprouted out the ground? how high above my plants should i put the light? also have a fan running on the plants when ill have the light on them.
  5. Go simple. I have a cardboard box with a hole in the back as an intake and a fan as an exhaust. I used plastic trash bags for the inside of the box. You can always use the sun shade that you use in your car windshield to reflect the light inside the box. Im using 5 CFL 26 watts 6500k lights. I know a bit about electricity. I cut an extension cord and attached the 4 light fixtures I bought from lowes without exceeding the amount of watts that the cord can take.

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  6. 12 hour lighting is for when you want to flower your plant. if your using just CFL's, ide suggest 24/0 lighitng
  7. okay but its not a cfl its just a 50watt and my plants are about 4in tall now but when do i take them off the 24hr lighting cycle? its been on that for about 6days... im a beginner and could use as much detail as possible. 1 of my plants has discolored blotches on its leaves also idk why? i gave the plants organic soil from home depot and perlite then tomato plant food pellets in the soil also for food.

  8. Some pictures will help. My plants are in a 18/6 light cycle and when is time to flower they will go in a 12/12. What kind of light bulb you are using for you plant? Have you tried to get the proper plant nuts to use for your plants? There is a few websites that you can get General Hydroponics products, fox farms, and other products that are right for your plant. Cannabis plants are really sensitive when it comes to nuts if you use the wrong one or too much or too little they will show signs of stress as you can see in yours.

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