New Grower Problems - Yellow Tips Stalled Growth?

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  1. Hi all. First time posting.Having an issue with my 15 day old seedlings. I am currently growing 2 plants one is a red poison auto and the other a blueberry haze auto. I am using a 2x2 tent, 300w mars eco led, small 6 inch clip on fan. They both germed fine and popped up under CFL, but it seems like growth has just stopped and my leaf tips are turning yellowish by the day. I have been watering mostly tap water or distilled water, PHd down to around 6.3-6.5 initially but now PHing my water to around 5.5-6. I Started them off in a Kellogs organic Outdoor Potting mix with no amendments but after noticing this mix was just too heavy, I transplanted them to slightly bigger pots even in their small fragile state to FFOF. I don't think its been long enough to determine if they experienced any transplant shock but they are still upright after 2 days and not droppy at least. I am watering when the medium is dry to the touch and lighter to the pick up. Not certain if overwatering was the culprite for the yellowing before but I don't think I did overwater. No nutes beside what's in the soil. I did notice soil runoff when using kellogs and it was around 7.4-7.5 when it was in that mix. Rh 50-65% and temps from 70-90
    Max depending on time of day. Using 300w mars led in a 2x2 tent with one small fan blowing air around but no exhaust fan. I don't want to change too much too quickly if someone can spot the issue with my babies. Any clues or tips to get them back on track? I have not fed any nurtients up to this point. This is day 15 and they really don't appear to be growing anymore, even before I transplanted them. Any ideas on this grow problem? Any help is greatly appreciated

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  2. Trans plant to normal dirt ….. don't use anything except PH water for a week or so .

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