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  1. i just started with growing with some seeds. one plant which is 1 week n a half has 2 brown spots on the 1st set of leaves. what could be the problem? i will post some pic soon. thank you

    some info on the grow the temp ranges from 70-77 f
    1 125 cfl
    humidity around 45-50%
    have some random soil from home but going to buy some organic this weekend when i transplant.
  2. Either a pH problem or bute burn. But get pics up so we can see
  3. Oo boy brown spots are my favorite. Are they little tiny dots, almost reddish brown? Pics are a must.

  4. yes their little tiny brown and reddish dots

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  5. It's a bit blurry, but I'm pretty sure you got my favorite nutrient deficiency: Calcium! Check your soil pH, and if it's in the proper range you're going to want to get some dolomite or garden lime and feed with a spray bottle so you do not raise the pH of your soil. Mix the lime in water, and spray on the leaves. Don't over do it though.

    If your soil pH is low, then put the lime right in the soil. It'll correct pH and give her the calcium she needs. You aren't feeding her any fertilizers yet, are you?
  6. thank you very much for the information i am going today to get a ph tester, organic soil and other stuff needed to keep my babies safe. i have not given them any fertilizer yet unless the soil i used had some in it.
  7. no nutes until transplant, then start mild and see how they like it, how close were your lites and i sorry i am hydroing so cant help on the soil, other than to say, ABSOLUTELY NO MIRACLE GROW SOIL, hae heard alot of bad.
  8. any idea of where to get the lime stuff? I think i am having the exact same problem but i was just going to wait and see if it goes away.... They showed up sometime between midnight and 9am this morning... I am going to use FloraNova as my ferts though.. none yet..
  9. no mn have no idea sorry. good luck
  10. i saw some at wallyworld... its like a 20 pound bag for 3 dollars... what else can i use that shit on? haha its nuts to have that much laying around..
  11. not that it would be of interest to you or maybe it would, i think it can be used in the yard for smells or something, ask one of the people at the store just tell them you need a small portion, and let them tell you themselves, just a sneaky way of going about it. hope that helped and good luck.

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