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  1. Hi there, I'm new to the growing community and want to run some things by the experts on here to get advice before I start anything,as well as get some questions answered. 
    \nFirst, I'm doing my grow in a shed but inside a growing tent. Does the shed have to be insulated? I assume not, since inside the shed will be the growing tent, but hey that's why I'm here. The temp doesn't get too cold, i'm in the Bay Area (CA). 
    \nThe grow tent im planning on using is from htgsupply,com, with 55"x55"x79" dimensions
    \nGetting a digital ballast because I heard those are way better, has fans, carbon filters, duct work, 1,000 watt HPS bulb, and the nutrients it coems with are "Roots: natural organic soil (3x1.5 cubic ft bags)" and "Buddah Bloom and Grow 1.5 LT bottles". Are those good?
    \nThe containers it comes with are 6x 7gallon grow bags(felt) and 6 site seed starters, but I wont be using the seed starters because I have clones. I wanted to do an ebb system for the convenience, what are your opinions on this? They look very easy to setup and use but I read a post that said hydroponics have a high learning curve. Is that just in reference to making sure the water has the right nutrient balance? And I'm assuming that those 7 gallon grow bags aren't going to be used if I do in fact get an ebb system, because I'll be using the buckets they provide, correct?
    \nNext question, I know i'm going to get a lot of shit for this but what is a medium? I'm fairly certain it's just whatever i surround my plants roots with, but obviously i want to make sure I know everything correctly. Do certain mediums work better with an ebb system? I read in Ed Rosenthals "How to grow marijuana" that the ideal pH for my growing medium is between 5.8 and 6.5, or maybe that pH was referring to the water that im putting in my soil. Also it recommended i use loams, silts, or sands because they work best. Is this accurate?
    \nNext question, when I first take a clone and plant it, how big should that pot be? Or should i use the same ebb pot from start to finish? Do i start using the ebb system from clone all the way through flowering, or do i start at a certain time?
    \nIs it possible to flood my roots with an ebb system? How do i know the right amount of water to put?
    \nHow do i know my water has the right nutrient solution? Should my solution of N-P-K change from veg to flowering? How do I measure the solution?
    \nWhat are the best tips to make your plants avoid turning into hermaphrodites?
    \nI know theres a lot of questions on here but I hope someone out there can help me out with this. Feel free to ask me anything that might help answer some questions or leave any advice+tips! Thanks grasscity!

  2. I suggest you decide what system you want to use, and the medium, then find a book that details how to build and maintain that system.  There are plenty of stickies and informative posts on soil and flood and drain.  It's kind of impossible to teach you a method when you have no understanding of how that system works.  An ebb and flow kit should come for directions (also called flood and drain).
    My fist grow was DWC hydro and I found it easy.  It's a matter of checking/maintaining a proper pH and feeding per a set of directions for a feeding schedule.  For instance my GH nutrients come with a book of instructions on giving nutrients, and what nutes for many different hydro systems.
    Good luck, hopefully another forum member will be more helpful.

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