New Grower needs advice.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by steveo9218, May 3, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just starting a thread about my grow and would welcome any comments/suggestions on how to improve etc.

    I've got a 60x60x180 veg tent which has two tiers both 90 high.

    In the bottom I have 9 uk cheese in coco/clay pebbles 5ltr pots 1st week of veg under 150mh.
    Feeding them canna coco A&B and bud link.

    I use the top half for cloning, I take my cuttings when the plants in the bottom are 4 weeks into veg so I do not keep a mother.

    I have a flower tent 240x120x200.
    I currently have 3 cheese ready in 2 weeks (ish)
    And 5 cheese in their 4th week of flower.
    All are in 10 ltr pots in canna coco and clay pebbles. Fed on canna A & B along with bud link all the way through adding big bud and overdrive at the relevant times - week 3 through 6 and week 6 through 8. I measure ph and keep at 5.8.

    Running 4 x 140w led panels, custom/ hand built, these are not your typical eBay items.

    Running rhino filter 6" and mdf acoustic box fan on fan speed controller keeping temps in mid 70's.

    I flush for 1 week.

    If I have missed anything that you guys think is important just say and I will do my best to answer.

  2. Hi,

    Does anyone have any pointers as to Where I could improve??

    I did forget to say the clones/cuttings are put under T5 to root.
  3. Is that what your proposing or already done? You sound like you have a good grasp alot of growing you learn on the go and it doesnt grow over night so as problems arise leave a post on here.
  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the replies.
    I do have have a bit of a problem, I started a few grows ago using the full bio bizz range, had no issues except for how small the yield was and how physically small the plants were in comparison to a friends who at the time was using the Cana range and the above mentioned nutes, bus link, big bud n overdrive.

    At that time I was running 2 600 hps lights so we both had the same set up.

    Plants vegged for 5-6 weeks as they did seem to lagg when in the veg stage.

    Hopefully I'll see some improved results from the cann a &b, 9 plants potted from clone 8 days ago and seem to be developing nicely compared to the last 2 lots that are due to finish flowering in about 7 days.

    Also I plan on the next 9 plants staying in square 5L pots so I have a little more room, my question is if I veg for 3-4 weeks and I am satisfied that the plants are large enough for my needs would it be an issue leaving them in flower for 8 weeks in the 5L pots or will rootbound become an issue and yields seriously affected??


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