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  1. TMPDOODLE1499173549754.jpg TMPDOODLE1499173549754.jpg IMG_20170704_183217.jpg Hey ya'll! Hope all of you're havin a great time. I'm new to growing and would love some help regarding how to grow my plant and what to expect. I planted 5 seeds in a pot about 5 weeks ago and one luckily sproutedsprouted, which looks like a sativa to me. I'm growing outside on my building's roof. It gets around 13-14 hours of light per day. I make sure to water it regularly. No fertilizers, just added a lil' bitta cowdung few days ago. Been using a solution of urine as nitrogen fertilizer. I've placed this on the balcony now, so it'll get direct sunlight from around 5.30-12.00, and just light for upto 6.30pm. Can anyone tell me what to do and what to expect?
  2. OH, and can someone say if it's a male or female without looking for pre flowers? I heard males ar tall and skinny whereas females are a bit stocky.
  3. And it'd be great to know how talltall it could grow, could I keep it short, and how long till it flowers. I live in Bangladesh.
  4. It is Sativa of some sort. No sex guess. If it isn't an auto that is not light dependent than switching to 12 12 light starts a doubling process. Can't help with Bangladesh outdoor growing as I am an indoor USA kind of guy. The size of your pot will be limiting factor.
  5. The plant looks healthy, I'm not an outside grower just indoors. But you need to take close ups or look for white Pistils on the inner nodes. You should be able to tell by now possibly.

    She's going to be a big Sativa the bigger the pot the bigger the plant. You could do low stress training on her. But I would look to make sure you have a female before you consider training her. Your going to need nutrients soon. Don't use URINE Bro you could buy some cheap nutes on Amazon like General hydroponics etc. that aren't too expensive. You can expect to have a big plant. It looks like a Haze, is it bag seed? what kind of soil are you using?

    Btw: only plant one seed per pot, because if two plants were to grow the roots could get entangled with each other, and they wouldn't have enough space for that small pot.
    Good Luck

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  6. Thank you. The weather here's warm and sunny with rain sometimes. Humid. Soil's good too.
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  7. need to get better drainage in that soil man, add some peat moss or perlite to it or something. MJ doesn't like its roots sitting in water, needs aeration in that soil to help it get bigger and stronger. You'll probably need a little bit bigger pot as well.
    As far as sex there is no way to tell. Not being debbie downer, but bagseed is a crapshoot man, so don't get your hopes up too high! A lot of times they can carry a hermie trait. I know, been burned a few times on that one.
  8. Thanks man. Yes, it's bag seed. Not autoflowering. I don't think I can get nutes online, but I can find them at nearby stores probably. I think the plant's stilln vegetative state, so no pistils yet. The soil is plain soil from the ground, just added a bit of cow dung. Nothing extra. Oh, it won't get direct sunlight for about 5 hours of the day, but it'll get decent amount of light. Will that be s problem?
  9. Thanks for the heads up man. Drainage is good in the soil though. There ain't any quality seed vendors in my country. Bag seed is my only hope. BTW, is there any way to get good bud from hermies? Like cutting off the pollen sacks?
  10. You can chop em off but you miss one heh seeds for days
  11. I always recommend Compost Teas for soil grows. You'll really appreciate what the beneficial micro organisms can do for your plant! Plus it stays organic if thats what you're aiming for.

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  12. If you want a big plant your going to need a bigger pot 3-5 gallon. You absolutely need perlite or peatmoss for drainage your soil will pack in over time.
  13. It's really hard to give advice to growers in other countries. Best advice is to grow organic. Just compost your vegetable scraps and mix into the soil. Urine is not a good idea as it can burn your plant. You can make a tea from the compost you make but it should be aerated. This makes aerobic tea. Anaerobic tea would carry pathogens that can harm your plants.
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  14. Good addition! I definitely forgot to say AERATED COMPOST TEA!!! Makes a huge difference and won't smell like shit or death

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  16. Then I gotta be going if it's gonna be a hermie
  17. yo bro.. im growing aswell .. but im not sure of the strain surely not deshal.. could be katari or ampol !
  18. and about the height.. it will grow prettttty tall.. i had topped mine after 3 nodes to keep it short and bushy

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