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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by univ2859, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Ok im growing my ice seeds, about 2 weeks now tell me what u think , i was keeping them under 24/7 liight , i have 3 150 cfl bulbs for about 7 plants. Only problem last few days i had to hide them with no light for about 8 hours because my landlord had to do something in my aprtment, will this hurt them? also i have them in a 6 inch pot , should i transplant them?

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  2. Looking good. Ive read dont keep anything but seedlings under 24/7, then switch to 18/6, plants seem to like it. I heard its something about they make chemicals when its dark and that 6 hours makes them grow faster, but thats just what i read. Other than that, they look like their doing good. Are the CFL's 150W or 150W equivalent?
  3. 150 watt equivilent , 2700 lumens per bulb, are those pots too small?
  4. what size pot, im really limited on space so i need the smallest pot possible that will letthem grow
  5. I'm not sure exactly, but bigger pots will allow the roots more space to grow, which will let you have a larger plant. They should be fine now but in a week or so I'd start thinking about transplanting them.
  6. If you'd like your plant to grow to its potential, you'll have to transfer those (soon) into nothing less than 3 gallon pots, you can grow in smaller but you'll get rootbound before you know it and your plants will grow slowly. Looking good so far though. You might want to think about more lighting when you switch to flowering.
  7. I agree. They are probably already outgrowing those containers. At a minnimum, I would get 3 gal pots.
  8. Univ, being that you are low on space I think you are good for another 3 weeks in those pots, if you stick with the 24/7 lighting (if you want you can transplant now). Then 4 days after transplanting to a 1-2 gallon pot you can switch them over to 12/12 for sex and flowering. Don't worry about the no light for 8 hours thing it is not critical during vegging.
  9. so in about 3 weeks ill be able to determine the sex?

  10. Nope.
    In three weeks they will be close to 12 inches tall. Then, they are mature enough to be put into 12 hours light 12 hours dark. This lighting schedule will then trigger pre-flowers and within 2-10 days they will start to show signs of sex.

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