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    Hi everyone. I am new here. I just started my first indoor growroom. I am going to be working in a space around 2m x2m x 3m lwh. The wall has been built and Now I have to get the elextricity done next. I am going to have a breaker box added that will run 3 HID, 3 sets of T-5's, the exhaust and carbon fans, and the circulation fans. I have seeds on the way from Barney's. Red Diesel, Pineapple Chunk, and Acapulco Gold. I intend to run 1 scrog of each strain. Each 1m2 scrog will have a 600w switchable over the top and the veg chamber underneath the table. I am going to begin with soil as a medium until I understand the strains and can give hydro a shot. My goal is a 1m2 harvest every month. I want to be in the 300 gram range on each table at a minimum. I have begun a worm casting bucket. I have read that worm castings really make a plant happy. I anyone has any advice for me, please feel free to chime in and let your voice be heard. Hopefully I will not have to wait long for the seeds to arrive so I can begin. I go to get the first set of T-5's in 2 weeks. I will end up running 2 4-footers and 1 2-footer in the corner of the cabinet. This will give me 10 x 2 feet wide of coverage with 8 bulbs in each set. I think this should be more than sufficient to keep the mothers and clones in a good veg while the HPS above are running 12/12 constantly. If anyone sees any holes in the idea, let me know.

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  2. We want pics! We want pics! We want pics!!!!!!
  3. I added the only photos I have at this point. I am at least 2 months out from adding the HID's yet I have to make enough clones from the seeds to fill the scrog tables. LOTS of vegging work ahead. This will give me time to build the tables and hang the T-5's underneath. The chambers will be around 80-100 cm tall. I want the top of the scrog to be at 160 cm at the highest.

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