New grower, help me boysss

Discussion in 'General' started by NeverSeenSober, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. so I picked up a grow tent, i have seeds, i have the light, got the ph up, down miracle grow all that shit. but i still want more information before i start. i know how to germinate but everything after that im lost. Thanks alot guys, be easy!
  2. Head over to the Absolute Beginners - Forums section.

    Read all the stickies, and then read them again and again.

    Then if you're still confused, make a single thread with questions.

    Peace :smoke:
  3. na dude

    get balanced clean nutes imo w te money
    tempature control is key
    umitiy is good

    airflow on te plant
  4. can i use just normail dirt and put nutriants in it? and any advice on stoppin the smell? i need to completly destroy the smell, not just cover it up.

    thanks guys
  5. Look into a "carbon scrubber" to eliminate the smell.
    Depends on what "normal dirt" is. Generally speaking, you want to start with a nice soil mix, otherwise it's anyone's guess as to your dirt. Don't know if the go-to soil is still Fox Farm's Ocean Forest or Happy Frog?

    Seriously, all your questions have been answered in the growers forum countless times. Enough info to get you from beginner to expert over there.
  6. im sure there are tons of blades in this section of the forums that can help you..but if you go to the actual "grow section", you will find MANY MANY MANY more people! and i can guarantee you that EVERY SINGLE QUESTION that you have, has a thread already made just for it. Using GC as a resource, is a great great great tool, and if you read up as much as you can on EVERY will be growing some super dank nuggets that dispensaries will be harassing YOU just to get their hands on it...:smoke::smoke:

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