New grower and Thelma isn't doing good.

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  1. Hello. Very first grow. I came in this morning to find Thelma in horrible shape. Her and Louise are Afghanistan indica feminized. Friday I had them under humidity domes (2 liter coke bottles cut in half) I took them off yesterday morning. I had lights about 6" due to cold weather in basement and temp in grow tent wouldn't get above 70. I only water when soil is completely dry. Today was the first day of giving food. Fox Farm grow big. 2 tsp per gallon of water. Gave 1.5 cups to each. Soil is rocket fuel. Average temp 68-72 humidity 45-50%. 18 hours of light a day. Use only filtered water (have well water), ph average 6.5 they are approximately 6 weeks old. I think really small for the age. Do you think the stunted growth and issues with Thelma are related to needing food sooner than now? Why is Louise's color fine but Thelma looks like a wreck. Thelma's leaves also have spots on them and brown tips of leaves. Thank you for any help.

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  2. Yes, this plant looks (K&P) deficient. Give em a good feeding (like you did) and hopefully things will improve. Can dry out the room a bit more too, 50-60% RH would be better imo.
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  3. Just my opinion, but at this young stage I'd give some CalMag Plus (2 tbspn/gal) and some Grow Big (about 1/4 tsp/gal). The yellowing of lower leaves indicates a need for N, and I can see some Mg deficiency in some of the other leaves.
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  4. What is your light source? They seem very small for 6 weeks old. Colder temperatures will slow growth down. You don't have a water softener on your well do you?
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  5. I would skip the humidity domes at this point. White spots on leaves indicates possible bugs. All the little stressors add up.

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