New grower and I need help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Grower415, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone, I’m new to this whole growing world, and I need some pointers and help with my plants, I greatly appreciate!!!

    So recently I transferred my plants from vegetation to flowering, and I noticed my leafs are turning from darkish green to a lights green.

    I notice how when the lights are off the leafs curl in ward, what could that be because of?

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  2. your Soil what your growing in looks like its really dried out ,,that and the way the leaves are it might be a bit hot in your grow tent /space ,,have you got a osculating fan in the grow ,, but one thing them plant need water ,,,mac,
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  3. My plants droop when the lifhts are off and perk back up when lights come on. Did you stop feeding veg nutes already? I ussually wait 1-2 weeks after the flip to stop my veg nutes because they are basically still in the veg state (sretch) for up to 2 weeks after the flip. I am not a expert but my .2cents

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  4. hi @"Keninski if you can click on the pictures that or not under the sodium light you will be able to see the soil that the plant are in are really dry ,,i think they need a good watering ,and maybe a fan i the grow if he as not got one cuz it might be hot for the plants ,,,,mac.
  5. I just noticed that. The pots look like the sahara dude. Water those girls. Or youll have tumble weed soon. Just fed my girls this morning. IMG_20190717_052133_01.jpg

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  6. great grow you got there "Kevinski ..nice looking plants ,,mac,
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  7. Thanks. Been working hard reading lots to perfect my grows. Every round get better and better. Just recently perfected clonning.went from 1% success to 99% success.
    Hopefully this guy waters his plants today. There shoukd be a plant abuse councel one that will rescue abusex plants and rehome them.

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  8. he seems to have gone from here ,probably to water his plants lol,,,mac..
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  9. Awesome

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  10. Yess see I thought it was dry too but I’m digging a bit down about a inch down and the soil feels very wet, I always have a monster level to check the moister in the soil and it says wet
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  11. I completely stopped giving veg nutrients and switched over to flowering

    My leafs feel dry
  12. whats the temps in you grow ,,,might be the heat causing your troubles if it not lack of watering ,,,mac
    but still look very dry
  13. Could it be light stress
  14. The room temperature is at 74, but I feel like my lights are a bit too strong
  15. First week of flip veg nutes then see if the stretch stops then flush then flower nutes. Bloom boosters whatever your using. I never use the soil gauges waste of time. Just water every 3-4 days. My temps are ussually 80 85 lights on with a fan blowing air around keeps them from burning.

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  16. Okay
    how many watts should I have my lights set too
  17. have you got a fan plus ventilation to get rid of the heat build up ,,mac
  18. Yes 4 fans

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