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    Me and my roomate's grow. Second day . It's Reggie seeds. How's you think it's lookin so far? Will put more cfls later. I've grown before we're just workin with what we have.

    What we used so far and have:
    •Four pots two gatorade bottles
    •soil cheap Walmart just compost (looks like has bark in it)
    •use perlite mixed with soil
    •2 cfls 2 regular bulbs (my roomate put them in their can we use these at fist then use cfls)?

    Anyways please subscribe, thanks

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  2. Regular bulbs will get hot, CFL's are better. They also use less wattage. Can't say much else you're not far into it yet. Keep the lights close to the plant so they don't stretch but you seem pretty good on that, can't tell 100% from pics though.
  3. Yeah ill put more pics up soon. Please subscribe :)
  4. Bump..please subscribe
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    New pics :) please subscribe!

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  6. Bump. Comon I got views but nobody wants to say anything????????
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