new grow room.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by pooldude, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. well i started on my new grow room last night...i have a 1600 sq ft. basement with an access to a crawlspace which is under my family room..the access is at the end of the basement all the way on the right..the crawl space measures 12 by 24 feet.and 4 feet what i have done is built a wall 3 feet out from the end of the basement with a closit on the opposite end from the crawl space access which is about 30 feet away.if you open the door and look in the closet it looks like a closit..but on the right the wall has an access panel which is about 5 feet tall...just lift it up by the bottom and in you's gonna have springs and open like one of the old ridged style garage doors...i allready have a ceramic light fixture in's like walking down a hallway behind the wall..i know this seems like a tight fit but my equipment is small enough to get through the door and take down to the grow room..also there is a large book shelf in the basement which i'm planning on putting some small casters on so i can roll it in front of the closet about stealth...the great thing about this i allready have the materials from when i was doing some remodeling a couple years back...the only way someone is gonna find my grow room is if they measure the basement and notice that it's a couple feet shorter than the house i can sleep better at night knowing that no body will ever know.whats going on in there..because ther isn't anything can't hide your growing good enough SO DON'T GET SLOPPY,AND NEVER TELL.. PEOPLE WILL ALLWAYS TALK AND SOONER OR LATER YOU WILL GET CAUGHT IF YOU DO...good luck and happy growing..REVRAND.

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