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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by curtropolis420, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Getting everything set up just gotta hang the lights and line the walls with mylar

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  2. The metal halide is 600watts and the hps is 1k watts with a 440 Cfm fan and a carbon filter
  3. After i hang the lights ill put my plants in and take a picture for you guys
  4. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could add to my grow room to make it better?
  5. These pictures are about a week old ill snap some new ones when I get off work :)

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  6. Damn bruh that's going to get you some beautiful fat buds nice set up man major upgrade
  7. Grow rooms basically set up just gotta hang mylar and plastic over the carpet

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  8. Yeah man I'm stoked about it should give me some huge plants
  9. Is it better to pull through or push through a carbon filter??
  10. filter, then blower that pull air from your grow room, then to your lights then outside
    always better to pull air from your grow room not push
  11. I have the fan after the lights and it still smells.. It makes more sense going filter to fan then to the lights
  12. wow, how many plants are you gonna have in there?
    good job for the set up.
    I dont get that fan thing tho, filter fan light or light filter fan, how different would it be?
  13. I have seven plants currently three are seedlings four are about thirty days old. Still in veg. I just feel it would be more efficient to go directly from the filter to the fan then through the lights
  14. Def try to cover the carpet. Nasty shit likes to grow in carpets. Try to black out that window if you can. Def security risk there, legal, or not. And I personally would just leave the walls white. Otherwise looking like a fun room.
  15. [quote name='"curtropolis420"']Grow rooms basically set up just gotta hang mylar and plastic over the carpet[/quote]

    That window yo ??? Get some black thick shades and black the window out that's a big riskkk
  16. The carpet is going to be covered next week when I buy some panda paper I also just steam cleaned the carpets so should be good for now. I think I wanna put Mylar over the walls just because aesthetically it's more pleasing to me for some reason :p and the window actually is in the basement it leads to the floor of my sunroom in the backyard so it's no cause for concern.
  17. Noo the window is fine
  18. I'm actually going to be venting out of it
  19. O ok nice setup

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